Vocal Choir

Rehearsals happen on Wednesdays in the sanctuary from 7:00 until about 8:15.  All who want to be a part of this ministry are welcome!   We typically rehearse pieces 4 – 5 weeks in advance of singing it in the service so that we know it well and if you happen to need to miss a rehearsal, you still will have had the chance to practice it other weeks.  If the file does not begin to play immediately, download  and then click play.


Forward by Faith  Words and Music by Cindy Berry -  October 9, 2022 

Soprano: Forward by Faith

Alto: Forward by Faith

Tenor: Forward by Faith

Bass: Forward by Faith


Faith to Carry On  Words by Don Besig and Nancy Price; Music by Don Besig   -  October 16, 2022 

Choral Demo: Faith to Carry On

Soprano: Faith to Carry On

Alto: Faith to Carry On

Tenor: Faith to Carry On

Bass: Faith to Carry On


Come and Worship  Arranged by Patti Drennan   -  October 23, 2022 

Choral Demo: Come and Worship

Soprano: Come and Worship

Alto: Come and Worship

Tenor: Come and Worship

Bass: Come and Worship


All Creatures, Sing Praise  Words by St. Francis of Assisi; Tune-Lasst Uns Erfreuen; arranged by John Purifoy   -  October 30, 2022 

Choral Demo: All Creatures, Sing Praises

1st Soprano: All Creatures, Sing Praises

2nd Soprano: All Creatures, Sing Praises

Alto: All Creatures, Sing Praises

Tenor: All Creatures, Sing Praises

Bass: All Creatures, Sing Praises


no vocal choir Sunday, November 6, 2022 – The Bell Choir will be ringing


We See Christ  Words and Music by Joel Raney   -  November 13, 2022 

Choral Demo: We See Christ

Soprano: We See Christ

Alto: We See Christ

Tenor: We See Christ

Bass: We See Christ