Vocal Choir

Rehearsals happen on Wednesdays in the sanctuary from 7:00 until about 8:15.  All who want to be a part of this ministry are welcome!   We typically rehearse pieces 4 – 5 weeks in advance of singing it in the service so that we know it well and if you happen to need to miss a rehearsal, you still will have had the chance to practice it other weeks.  If the file does not begin to play immediately, download  and then click play.

During the Lenten season, because of the Lenten meals and study, our rehearsal time will shift to a 7:15ish start time (no later than 7:30).


February 12, 2023 – No Choir Anthem, Special music instead


See the Brilliant Glow Before Us  Words and Music by Diane Hannibal/arr. Roger Thornhill   -  Transfiguration of the Lord - February 19, 2023 

Choral Demo: See the Brilliant Light Before Us

Soprano: See the Brilliant Glow Before Us

Alto: See the Brilliant Glow Before Us

Tenor: See the Brilliant Glow Before Us

Bass: See the Brilliant Glow Before Us


More Than Enough (Jesus Feeds the Multitude)   (unison) – Words and Music by Becki Slagle Mayo and Lynn Shaw Bailey – February 26, 2023 – 1st Week of Lent

Unison Vocal Demo:: More Than Enough


A Communion Invitation - Words by Pamela Martin, Music by Craig Courtney – March 5, 2023 – 2nd Week of Lent

Soprano:: A Communion Invitation

Alto: A Communion Invitation

Tenor: A Communion Invitation

Bass: A Communion Invitation


My Faith Looks Up to Thee - Words and Music by Lowell Mason, arr. by John Carter – March 12, 2023 – 3rd Week of Lent

Soprano: My Faith Looks Up to Thee

Alto: My Faith Looks Up to Thee

Tenor: My Faith Looks Up to Thee

Bass: My Faith Looks Up to Thee


Come and Feast - Words and Music by Lee Dengler – March 19, 2023 – 4th Week of Lent

Choral Demo (SAB): Come and Feast

Soprano: Come and Feast

Alto: Come and Feast

Baritone: Come and Feast


Come to the Table - Words and Music by Allen Pote – March 26, 2023 – 5th Week of Lent

Soprano: Come to the Table (Pote)

Alto: Come to the Table (Pote)

Tenor: Come to the Table (Pote)

Bass: Come to the Table (Pote)