Visioning Statement:

Continuously creating a vital congregation of faith, open to all, as we worship God and boldly answer Christ’s call to service.  This statement includes the following:

  • Vital congregation
  • Faithful
  • Open and Welcoming
  • Worship God
  • Boldy answer Christ’s call


Assess needs in each area to determine direction of diversification. Continue the recruitment of people with a passion to serve the church in their area of desire. Focus on the challenges of being a Christian in today’s world. Continue to emphasize the spiritual purpose and Christian foundation of worship. Involve ministry units in further development of both long and short-range goals and objectives.

Ministry Units

Ministry of Administration and Personnel [MAP]
Ministry of Buildings and Grounds [MBG]
Ministry of Christian Education [MCE]
Ministry of Finance and Stewardship [MOFS]
Ministry of Membership and Fellowship [MMF]
Ministry of Mission and Outreach [MMO]
Ministry of Worship [MOW]

Our Session:

Class of 2023
Kathleen Hall(2)
Tom Frerichs
Sheila Moskowitz
Hali Wimbush

Class of 2024
Jennifer Gaudreau(2)
Maisie Livengood
Joann Goss

Class of 2025
Lee Boteler(2)
Cleve Dixon
Matt Gobla
Dave Goss(2)

Clerk of Session:
Dave Goss