Serving Christ in the provision of this church’s worship services and musical offerings, by which we give God glory.

Elder member:            Jennifer Gaudreau
Deacon member:        Michelle Hodder
At Large members:     Cleve Dixon, Gayle Fidler
Staff members:           Pastor,  Director Music, Choir Director

What can you expect from the Ministry of Worship?

  •     We provide opportunities to glorify God in worship.
  •     We give you the chance to encounter God’s Word in preaching, baptism, and communion.
  •     We encourage participation in and enjoyment of music by our vocal choir, our handbell choir, and guest musicians

What can the Ministry of Worship expect from you?

  •     You regularly and faithfully participate in worship.
  •     You participate in the making of joyful noise.
  •     You assist our worship in a leadership role by communicating with the MOW about what you would like to see and hear for worship.