Job Opening! St. Paul Presbyterian Church is seeking a part time Choir Director. Please click here for more information


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Sunday Schedule
Worship 10:00 am
Social Time 11:25 am

Office Hours

9 am to 4 pm
Closed on Friday

Food Pantry Hours

9 am to Noon
Closed on Friday

This Week at St. Paul

Wednesday, Feb 3
  6:00 P.M.         Midweek Gathering
  6:00 P.M.         Landmark Ministries

Thursday, Feb 4
  6:30 P.M.         Deacons Meeting
  6:45 P.M.         Landmark Ministries

Friday, Feb 5         OFFICE CLOSED
  5:30 P.M.         Girl Scout Troop #550
  6:30 P.M.         Landmark Ministries  
  7:00 P.M.         Girl Scout Troop #1327

Saturday, Feb 6     
 10:00 A.M.      Landmark Ministries Diaconate / Brunch  

Sunday, Feb 7       SOUPER BOWL OF CARING         
   9:00 A.M.         Sunday School (all ages)
 10:00 A.M.         Worship
 11:20 A.M.         Social Time
 11:30 A.M.         Ministry of Membership & Fellowship
 11:30 A.M.         Ministry of Building & Grounds
 11:30 A.M.         Kitchen Clean Up
 10:00 A.M.         Landmark Ministries    
Monday, Feb 8
  6:30 P.M.         Ministry of Finance & Stewardship
  6:00 P.M.         Landmark Ministries
Tuesday, Feb 9
10:00 A.M.        Ministry of Worship
  2:00 P.M.        Ministry of Administration & Personnel
  6:30 P.M.         New Member Class
  6:00 P.M.        Landmark Ministries
  6:30 P.M.         Boy Scout Troop #3
  7:00 P.M.         Girl Scout Troop #2432

Wednesday, Feb 10
  6:00 P.M.         Ash Wednesday Service / Pancake Supper
  6:00 P.M.         Landmark Ministries





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St. Paul Presbyterian Church
18901 E. Hampden Avenue
Aurora, CO 80013

Reverend Kim Graber  pastor@stppc.org

Find Us!

We are located at 18901 E. Hampden Ave. in the city of Aurora, at the northeast corner of Biscay and Hampden, just a block east of Tower Road. For help with directions, please use the below map.