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June 9, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Pentecost Celebration: Responding to the Spirit”

Scriptures:   Old Testament: Acts 2:1-16   New Testament: Joel 2:27-32

 Audio: Responding to the Spirit

June 2, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “I’ll Be Back!”

Scriptures:   Old Testament: Haggai 2:6-9    New Testament: Revelation 22:12-21

 Audio:  I’ll Be Back!

May 26, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Where Heaven Meets Earth”

Scriptures:   Old Testament: Genesis 2:5-15    New Testament: Revelation 21:10, 22-25

 Audio:  Where Heaven Meets Earth

May 19, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Heaven on Earth: Recognizing our volunteers”

(This audio contains spots of silence as volunteers stand to be acknowledged, followed by applause.)

Scriptures:   New Testament: Isaiah 65:17-25    Gospel: Revelation 21:1-6

 Audio:  Heaven on Earth: Recognizing our Volunteers

May 12, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “What Do Sheep Need?”

Scriptures:   New Testament: Revelation 7:9-17     Gospel: John 10:22-30

 Audio: What Do Sheep Need?

May 5, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “It’s Never Too Late to Change”

Scriptures:  New Testament  Acts 9:1-20

 Audio: It’s Never Too Late to Change

April 29, 2019  Rev. Reed Holder “Getting to the Right Place”

 Scriptures:  Old Testament: Deuteronomy 1:26-33     Gospel:  John 20: 24-31

 Audio: Getting to the Right Place

April 21, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Rolling Away the Stone for YOU”

my stoneScriptures:    Gospel: John 20:1-18

 Audio: Rolling Away the Stone for YOU

April 14, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Stones of Silence”

Scriptures:   Old Testament: Zechariah 9:9-10        Gospel: Luke 19:28-40

 Audio: Stones of Silence

April 7, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Stones of Foundation”

  Scriptures:   Old Testament: Exodus 3:1-15     Gospel: Matthew 16:13-20

 Audio: Stones of Foundation

March 31, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Hearts of Stone”

  Scriptures:   Old Testament: Ezekiel 36:23-28       Gospel: Luke 11:37-52MARCH 31 2

 Audio: Hearts of Stone

March 24, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Stones of Judgement”

  Scriptures:   Old Testament: Leviticus 19:10-18      New Testament: Romans 2:1-6     Gospel: John 8:1-11

  Audio: Stones of Judgement

March 17, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Rocks of Remembrance”

rejected stone  Scriptures:   Old Testament: Joshua 4:1-7       Gospel: 2 Corinthians 3:1-11

  Audio: Rocks of Remembrance

March 10, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Rejected Stone”

another stone  Scriptures:   Old Testament: Isaiah 28:14-16       Gospel: Mark 12:1-12

  Audio:  Rejected Stone

February 24, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Triple Blessings”

Scriptures:   Old Testament: Numbers 6:24-26           New Testament:  2 Corinthians 3:12-18       Gospel: Matthew 28:18-20

Audio: Triple Blessings

February 17, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “God is Great, God is Good, and We Thank Him for Our Food”

Scriptures:   Old Testament: Leviticus 23:9-11           New Testament:  1 Corinthians 11:23-26       Gospel: John 6:26-35

Audio: God is Great, God is Good, and We Thank Him for Our Food

February 10, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “Sweeter Than Honey”

Scriptures:   Old Testament: Isaiah 61:1-3           New Testament:  2 Timothy 3:15-17       Gospel: Luke 4:14-21

Audio: Sweeter Than Honey

February 3, 2019  Rev. Kim Graber “As a Hen Gathers Her Brood”

Scriptures:   Old Testament: Micah 6:6-8           New Testament:  Romans 3:21-26       Gospel: Luke 13:31-35

Audio: As a Hen Gathers Her Brood

January 27, 2019 Rev. Kim Graber “Pray Without Ceasing Make Music from Your Heart to the Lord’”

Scriptures:          Old Testament: 2 Chronicles 5:11-14   New Testament: 1 Thessaloniams 5:14-24           

Gospel: Matthew 6:5-14

AudioPray without Ceasing; Make Music from Your Heart to the Lord

 January 20, 2019 Rev. Kim Graber “Worship 101″

Scriptures:          Old Testament:    New Testament:               Gospel: Luke

AudioWorship 101

January 13, 2019 Rev. Kim Graber “Divine Super Powers’”

Scriptures:          Old Testament:  Isaiah 43:1-7     New Testament: Acts 8:14-17              Gospel: Luke 3:15-22

Audio: Divine Super Powers

January 6, 2019 Rev. Kim Graber “Star Gifts’”

Scriptures:          Old Testament:  Isaiah 60:1-6      Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12

Audio: Star Gifts