Clerk’s Report

June Session Highlights

  • Discussion centered on the budget shortfall and the need to be candid with our congregation that deep cuts will probably be made in the not-so-distant future. Cost-saving measures (short term solutions) were discussed as was growing membership (long term solutions) and how each impact the other. Session is wrestling with what cost-saving measures must be employed.
  • The office administrator job description was approved. It has not been decided if we will hire someone at this time.
  • New office hours were approved: 9 A.M. – noon Monday – Thursday until we have an office administrator,and once someone is hired, the office will also be open from 1 – 4 P.M.
  • The April – June Deacon minutes were reviewed.
  • A written report from the 27 May Presbytery Assembly was received.
  • There will be an all-church potluck on Sunday, 13 July after service.
  • Twenty debt campaign interview letters were sent to randomly selected church members. Twelve interviews have been scheduled,four requested to complete the on-line questionnaire instead, and six have not responded as yet.
  • The Stewardship Committee has been organized. Bruce Larson will be the chair, assisted by Cleve Dixon, Sue Hatfield, Cheryl Wetzel and several congregation members yet to be named.
  • The next session meeting will be on 10 July at 7 P.M. in the Celebration Center.

Treasurer’s Report

It has become even more imperative that we remain vigilant with our fiscal resources as we have added a full time pastor to our payroll and begin to assume 50% responsibility for our mortgage. Our fiscal landscape has begun to change and 2014 will be the year in which we have to change with it. With the assistance of Presbytery and rental income, our congregation is working to meet our expenses with money to place in reserve.

Now that we have added a full-time pastor , we must increase our income, and we will need to do this by increasing pledges from current members, growth in membership, and continuing to explore rental opportunities.

The church has maintained our Reserve Savings and will not rely on a line of credit (because we do not have one) to meet our obligations should our cash flow be reduced.

Once again, I encourage each of our active members to pay their Per Capita ($29.62 per member) in full. While the total amount has been budgeted, the amount that members pay in reduces what the church pays out of pocket, and the difference can be used to fulfill our future obligations. As part of our commitment to Presbytery and their continuing support fiscally and spiritually, this remains an important obligation that we as a congregation need to keep. Presbytery depends on every congregation to pay their Per Capita so that they can continue meet their fiscal obligations.

2012 was the last year in which we received a full year of assistance provided by Denver Presbytery to cover our mortgage expenses. In 2013, the amount of assistance was reduced to 75% of the mortgage amount. This year the amount of assistance was reduced to 50% of the mortgage amount. Once again, it must be reiterated that this is neither a true grant nor a straight gift. When the church’s mortgage is retired, St. Paul will owe Denver Presbytery for the sum of the five years (100% for the first two years and a reduced amount in the remaining three years) in which assistance was provided.

In conclusion, I am pleased that our congregation has embraced the importance of learning, understanding, and participating in the financial health of our church. I look forward to the future as I believe that we are on the path toward meeting any fiscal challenges that we encounter as we continue to grow and sharing the love of Christ with those we know and those we do not yet know.